Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tidbits from our trip from Phoenix area to KC area - New Mexico

Here are some tidbits from our recent trip from Goodyear AZ to Peculiar MO that we did not blog about. We blogged on our stay in Winslow and then we headed to Grants NM which turned out to just be a stopover for us. We got out of Winslow before the winds got too bad, rode out the winds in Grants, and then left before the winds got to bad again staying two nights. We visited the Kiva Cafe which was pretty good, filled our tanks with diesel and went to Mass which was the extent of our time in Grants. If we ever go there again we will visit the mining museum and the ice caves and volcano caldera nearby so there are things to see there we just did not have the time this trip.

Our next stop was Santa Rosa NM and we got some really good food at the Silver Moon Cafe and the Santa Fe Grill. The breakfast burrito and green chile at the Silver Moon Cafe are as good as any we have had. The Silver Moon Cafe also had pina colada coconut cake that has the potential to be our favorite cake it was so good. We were able to get in some sightseeing as we stopped at the Route 66 Auto Museum in Santa Rosa. It is a small museum but it is jammed with neat stuff from a cash register made from the front of a car to a 1957 Chevy that you could buy for $150,000. We also liked the Route 66 map that they had. Frank and Mike from 'American Pickers' would love this place with pedal cars, antique visible gas pumps, signs and oil cans. We enjoyed this museum. Photos from Santa Rosa are located here

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. The route 66 attractions are always a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.