Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rock Springs Cafe (again)

Our friends Bob and Wilma may be the only ones in our park that have not been to Rock Springs Cafe. We were already going back since you get a free piece of pie with your old receipt and an entree purchase so the four of us went for lunch or should I say PIE!

Jo got the cream of potato soup as did Wilma. Wilma's Bob got the Augie Doggie Dawg and Bob tried the Chicken and Biscuits which on the menu said was a 'Local Favorite since 1924' and we can see why. Although it is basically chicken pot pie filling over a biscuit but both the chicken portion and biscuit portion were really good. The pie was good as before. This time our table sampled the rhubarb crumb, peach, and chocolate cream.

When we paid Bob forgot to use our coupon so we'll just have to go again, oh darn :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Yes, that was GOOD pie! I had the chocolate. I plan to try the chicken and biscuits next time as yours really did look good Bob. I think I see a visit to Rock Springs on our way out of Phoenix and home to Missouri soon! Good friends, good time, good pie - - what else could you ask for??? Wilma