Sunday, March 6, 2011

For those that love pie!

Thanks to fellow Escapee George Stoltz who recently started a thread on the Escapee Discussion Forum called, "PIE, Did Someone Mention Pie" we learned about the Rock Springs Cafe in Rock Springs Arizona. Just off of I-17 North of Phoenix it is about 60 miles from our park so we decided to eat there for lunch and get some of the pie that we have heard so much about. Truth be told Jo's brother and sister-in-law wanted to go to the Anthem Outlet Mall so Bob suggested the Rock Springs Cafe which was just a little further. Turns out we made a great choice.

The Rock Springs Cafe was founded about 50 years ago in a very historical area in the Bradshaw Mountains. Yavapai and Apache Indians camped near the springs. After the California gold rush was over word spread that "there's gold in the Bradshaw Mountains". Rock Springs became a military stopover and a stop for the Black Canyon Stagecoach which ran until 1917 with some famous passengers as the Earps and Doc Holiday. During Prohibition more than water flowed in the area and the 30's saw many movie stars like Tom Mix and Jean Harlow as visitors. The Cafe and Saloon and General Store are a museum of sorts with lots of memorabilia.

Enough about the Cafe let's talk about PIE! Since we knew we were getting pie for dessert we all decided to eat light. Bob and Jo's brother Rick both got the Augie Doggie Dawg which was a 1/4 dog deep fried and smothered with cheddar cheese, onions, diced tomatoes, green chile, deli mustard and served with fries. We both agreed it was probably the best hot dog we have ever had. Both Jo and her sister-in-law Frances got the cream of potato soup which was excellent.

We then turned our attention to the PIE menu and it was a tough choice. Bob got the Jack Daniels Pecan Pie which is less sweet than regular Pecan Pie, Jo got the Tennessee Lemon Pie, Rick got the Peach Crumble Pie and Frances got the Lemon Meringue. We of course sampled everybody's pie and everyone was excellent.

The Rock Springs Cafe is worth a drive just for the food, as we mentioned before probably the best hot dog and best potato soup ever. Then you have some of the best pie we have ever had, plus like a museum with all the memorabilia and you have a great place to visit. We will have to visit a couple more times just to make sure that the one visit was not a fluke before we can add it to our 'Our Favorite Things! (Food)" list. But that will be easy since the receipt from this visit is worth a free piece of pie for your next visit.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. We agree - great pie. Jan and Bill told us about this place and we had to agree with them.