Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For those that like to read

We have a great gadget for all those that like to read a lot. It is a book cover we got at the Vendor Day at Happy Trails Resort in Surprise Arizona. Vendor Day is the first Friday of the month from November to April and it is pretty neat. To use the cover you slide the book into the cover that comes with a bookmark when it is closed and a clear strap that serves to hold the cover open for reading. The clear strap is also used when closed by using strategically placed clasps for reading and for when closed. The neat thing is when you are reading the book is open and flat and held in place by the strap so you can even read outside when it is a little breezy. Changing a page is easy you just start to close the book and change the page under the strap. Here are pictures of it opened and changing a page. They come in many sizes from paperback to medium sized hardback to even larger and many, many fabrics.

Here is the website,, where you can see the fabrics and get ordering information.

It is hard to describe but easy to use and we like them so much we have three, two paperbacks and one hardback so both of us will always have one. They even have cookbook covers, now if only either of us cooked :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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