Thursday, November 4, 2010

You would have thought we were rookies today

We got a little overconfident today during our preparations for departure. We first noticed it when we went outside and luckily looked at the roof and our satellite dish and TV antenna were both still up. When we let the slide out so we could get to the satellite controls we noticed that the printer was still in the overhead cabinet above the couch. We then realized that the baby locks on the cabinets had also not been put on.

We finally got that straightened out and put the slides back in and locked the door and stowed the stairs yet again. Bob noticed a tremendous lack of power while trying to leave the park. If you have followed closely you probably have figured it out by now and no it wasn't the parking brake, it was that the rotochocks where still between the tires of the fifth wheel.

You would have to think that this is the end of the story but you would be wrong. When we got to Amarillo and setup we realized that we had left the switch for the electric water heater on. Like we said we were overconfident since we had worked on this routine twice before in the last few days. The big difference is that we used our printed checklist on those two departures. We guess we felt we just didn't need them this time, boy were we wrong.

That checklist will be used every time we depart from now on.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We all forget something at one time or another. Just last week, I nearly left the antenna up for the first time in over four years on the road.

    But you have quite a list there for one departure. Keep those checklists close :)

  2. Our first trip out, I had 3 check lists - stuff to take, a list for getting the RV ready to move, and hitching instructions (we have a fifth wheel). On our first outing while hitching up, a fellow camper walked by, and noticing me reading the hitching list to hubby said, "I've been doing this for many years. Don't ever quit using the checklists."
    These lists have saved our behinds many times. Wouldn't depart without them!!

    Good luck and safe travels to you!

  3. Been on the road almost two years now and we move around a whole lot. But I still use the check sheet every time. I just don't trust my memory or Jim's either.

  4. He, he, happens to us from time to time. Each time we vow to do a better job, but all it takes is some small distraction during the departure process. Something a simple as a neighbor stopping by to say goodbye. Then we somehow skip a step when we restart our departure process.

  5. Hi..just found your blog. We also took off a little over a year ago and traveled for 5 months before medical issues (my moms) brought us back to the east coast for a little over a year. Now we have just started back on the road, we are currently in Texas and loving the wide open roads! Every day is an adventure...some better than others!