Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pantries - we got pantries!

When you full-time you have to be ingenious when it comes storing items. In addition to the 'official' pantry with 5 slideout drawers provided with our unit we have many cubbyholes where we place things and have come to these cubbyholes our extra 'pantries'. Following is the list of the extra 'pantries':

Oven Pantry - great for chips and bread. The rare times we use the oven it is easy to just empty the pantry and then fill it back up when the oven cools.

Den Pantry - the cabinet in the entertainment center, great for popcorn, coffee, pancake mixes, biscotti and hot chocolate.

Basement Pantry - a plastic bin on our cargo tray dedicated to food, great for extra cans of soup and cake mixes and bottled water and pop.

For non-food pantries we have:

Closet Pantry - the side wall of Bob's closet (you didn't think it would be Jo's closet did you?), great for toilet paper and Kleenex.

With a little imagination and a cubbyhole here and there you can greatly improve the livability of your RV by providing ready access to some of the more commonly used items. Although Wal-Mart becomes your home away from home maybe you don't have to visit there everyday :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. get to put FOOD in the basement. Bob is a mighty understanding man!