Thursday, June 3, 2010

There's always something to buy!

One thing we have learned with our new full-timing lifestyle is that there is always something to buy, from the infrared thermometer to a CO2 tank for filling tires to our latest purchases of a bed cover and hub caps for our tow vehicle. We thought that maybe, just maybe, our buying days were over but we were wrong. It gets to a point where if you bring something into our condo on wheels then something has to go out and we have hit that point big time. Now this does cut down on what we buy but we have become more ingenious with our purchases.

When we started out last fall we pretty much had everything that we needed fairly well organized in the storage in the living area and on the cargo tray in plastic bins or in the rear basement. What we did not have room for was the portable satellite dish in case our roof mounted unit was blocked by trees. We figured, and rightly so, that in the fall and winter trees would not be a problem for reception and we did not have a place for the dish anyway. We got the bed cover so we could put the dish and tripod in the pickup bed.

Buying the bed cover set off a domino effect where that allowed us to "buy" a couple of plastic bins to go in the truck bed. Our books from the rear basement went into one of those bins allowing our backup griddler to go where the books came from. We still have a few things from our storage locker to get so we will have no problem filling the extra bins we purchased.

We also have a tire pressure monitoring system on order that we should receive next week. Maybe that will be the end of our buying spree for awhile.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo


  1. Sorry - the buying never ever stops. It may slow down but never stops. About the time you think you have everything it's time to replace the first items you purchased. Isn't it fun?

  2. Hi, When are you going to show up in the north country so we can alert the patrol ? It has been good so far the rain is slowly coming .Are we able to travel again ? You will need to pull a extra trailer behind to carry your stuff !!! Later Donald & Jean