Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blogging philosophy

We were doing a little reminiscing recently rereading all our blog entries when we realized that one of the very first blog entries that we had planned, on our blogging philosophy, had not been published. Sure enough there it was in draft form not quite ready to be published.

Bob was kinda the go to guy when he worked for restaurant recommendations. Whenever that group that he worked with was in another city one of the first agenda items at the meeting was where Bob was going to recommend we have lunch and supper. He even go requests for info when co-workers were going on vacations. We wanted to continue that so his former co-workers could look at his blog for restaurant tips (How to eat where the locals eat). Plus we wanted to provide a travel guide service (How to love where you are) to help explore this great country of ours. Finally we also want to sprinkle in our trial and effort, mostly trials, as we adapt to the full-timing lifestyle that maybe might help those that are considering a change (Full-timing adventures) or those like us that are just starting out.

That is how we ended up with "How to Love Where You Are and Eat Where the Locals Eat - Bob and Jo's Full-time RV'ng Travel Adventures" as the name of our blog. You can look forward to future posts that may cover one or more of these topics.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo


  1. Do you know the San Luis Obispo area in California for good eats? Signed: The Camp Host Housewife

  2. San Luis Obispo is on our rather long list of places to visit. The only thing we have noted so far is the caramel apple pie at the Madonna Inn which is supposed to be wonderful.