Monday, June 14, 2010

Glad we bought the generator, Part II

We are in the midst of a stormy season here in the Kansas City area and we lost power again yesterday. The second time around was a lot easier than the first time. We knew to switch the refrigerator and water heater to propane and to turn off the living room a/c before we started the generator. We fired up the generator and did not pop a breaker so no running outside dodging puddles and lightning bolts for Bob. We adjusted the vents in the bedroom so more air would get to the living room. We were able to watch TV comfortably cool and ride out the power outage.

We also discovered another reason why we are glad we bought the generator which is a propane generator. This type of generator is generally quieter than a gas or diesel generator but we were worried about how much propane would be needed. After about eight hours of running the generator we are still on our first 30 lb. tank of propane. We have two 30 lb. tanks so we are happy how long we could run the generator if we had to.

We will be swapping the wiring in the junction box on the wall over the generator so that the 30amp breaker will be for the leg that will be drawing the most amps. That way if it gets really hot we will be able to run both air conditioners at the same time. We told you we were roughing it didn't we?

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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  1. Nice! Riding out the power outage by watching TV :)That's my kind of evening...then again, I am a TV junkie!