Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ready to head out on our first big adventure!

We actually may be having fun! We are getting used to living in our new home and we finally got everything from storage and organized into our living space and plastic bins. The last milestone was the books we plan to read over the next six months that we just finished this week.

We do not mean to gloss over the tremendous adjustment it was. When you move from one place to another you take a lot of appliances with you. Here we were dealing with a couple of new TVs, two new DVRs, a new convection/microwave, washer/dryer combo, etc. There were manuals that needed to be read and maintenance info to put on our checklists. The last major thing in this area was getting the surround sound from our DirecTV DVRs working. Doesn’t this lifestyle sound rough? It is not your father’s camping that is for sure : )

We also had to first find the best place for the pots and pans, dishes, silverware, baking dishes, etc. The best place mind you may have been the second or third place that we tried it in. We bought a lot of plastic bins that was mentioned above and some drawer organizers that help keeps the items segregated so we will know where stuff is. Knowing where stuff is and going right to it has really helped our adjustment.

Next week we are headed to Branson for a week. After that we will head to Rockport TX (on the gulf coast near Corpus Christi) for a month taking a couple of weeks to get from Branson to Rockport. The driving lesson that Bob got from a friend who has a travel trailer really helped, Bob just needs more practice but on the way to TX and for future trips we will try to get as many pull thru sites as possible.

We plan on living on the road for six months and then assess what we might need from storage and then donate or garage sale what we do not need. We plan to be back in the Kansas City area in April 2010.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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