Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bob is finally a TEXAN!!

Just a brief note to say that Bob finally got his driver's license and registered to vote, he is finally a Texan! We decided at the last minute to go to the driver's license station before we had lunch on Wednesday and that turned out to be a very good decision. Bob was the last one in the door and while in line the office got the call that they could close at noon for Thanksgiving. They immediately locked the door and the five of us in line were processed quickly.

We are settled in at Rainbow's End in Livingston, Texas which is an Escapees park and their national headquarters. From Branson we decided to head north and west and go through Oklahoma instead of Arkansas. Our plans have always been to travel about 200-250 miles or about 4 hours or so. After traveling a few days we realize that we like being somewhere for awhile a lot more than we like heading somewhere one day a time. The first day to Checotah Oklahoma was a little longer than we would have liked but there was not a good stopping point until Checotah. The roads to Checotah were pretty good, a lot better than our shorter day the next day to Melissa, Texas.

When we got to Melissa it looked like a tornado had gone through our unit. The roads from Checotah to Melissa were horrible and all the stuff in the rear cabinets above the couch, including our printer, was strewn all over the floor and couch. Luckily the printer still works since it hit the couch and not the floor. Bob did some research and we bought some locks for child proofing a house for the cabinet doors that are together and the printer will be moved to the floor each time we travel. If that does not work we will look into bungee cords.

Luckily the road from Melissa to Livingston was much smoother so less chaos upon arrival. We will be in Livingston until early December where we will head to Rockport Texas which is on the Aransas Bay near Corpus Christi.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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  1. Welcome to Texas! Enjoy beautiful East Texas. Is Rockport special for some reason or just looking to get to the ocean? I apparently had my email wrong when i set up my google account. Our plans have have been delayed again, not sure when we are headed out.

  2. Read nice things about Rockport and that area online, plus it is the ocean! Head out soon, it is great out here!!

  3. K. Bradford - HoneywellNovember 29, 2009 at 6:23 AM

    Really nice to hear your plans are going so well. Hello to Jo and keep healthy!