Friday, October 6, 2017


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Based on the recommendation of Jim and Dee from Tumbleweed we saw 'American Assassin'.

We have read the Mitch Rapp books and really liked them. They picked a good book as it was a prequel to a lot of the earlier Mitch Rapp books. This allows the cast to age if they make more. After this one we think they should. Lots of action and you don't need to have read the books to like the movie. So like Jim and Dee we recommend this movie.

The other movie we want to talk is 'Hacksaw Ridge' which we saw on our Sunday DVD day (instead of Sunday NFL day). Telling the story of Desmond Doss who served in the Army Medical Corp but didn't want to carry a gun. He ended up being the only conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor. A great movie but the true story is even better. In fact a couple of events were omitted from the movie because they were afraid they weren't believable. Hacksaw Ridge was the name given to a cliff that the Army had to climb on Okinawa. The true event omitted from the movie was that Desmond Doss was one of the 3 that climbed the cliff to secure the rope ladders as shown here.

The other event deals with his injury at the end of the movie. Carried on a stretcher to the rope ladder another soldier needed to be lowered first so he gave up his stretcher. While waiting a sniper shot him and shattered his left arm. With a bad arm and the leg damaged by the grenades Desmond climbed down the rope ladder by himself.

Whenever we stand for the National Anthem with our hands over our hearts we think of our dads who served in the Navy, guys like Desmond Doss and all those that didn't come back from war. What makes "Hacksaw Ridge" personal is that two of the ships supporting the invasion of Okinawa were ships that our dads served on.

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Bob and Jo

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