Thursday, October 26, 2017


Currently in Elmendorf TX (Low 50 Plenty of Sun High 85) 

Not really on the road again as we will only be staying a week at Braunig Lake RV Resort in Elmendorf and then back to Kerrville.

The annual Kerr County Fair is this weekend and the entire park was reserved so we decided add days on both sides of the weekend and be out of the park for a week. We decided on the San Antonio area that although about an hour away we take many trips there for shopping at Costco/Sam's Club and medical stuff we haven't done much sightseeing. We will just be tourists for the week.

So we departed yesterday for Elmendorf Texas, it was approximately 80 miles. This is the route we took.

One thing we are wanting to do is see the Riverwalk when it actually has water 😃 The last time we were here as tourists the Riverwalk was drained for cleaning 🙁

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. The one and only time we were in San Antonio, it snowed on us at the Riverwalk. It was soo cold. Have a great time.

  2. We may hit SA on our way back to Houston the end of Feb. We will be leaving Big Bend. I looked at Braunig Lake RV Resort but didn't know it was an hour away from SA. I think that will be too far. I have lots to see in SA. How do you like the park?

  3. Maybe I read that wrong. Is Braunig Lake RV Resort 80 miles outside SA?

  4. San Antonio is a great place, but the traffic is over the top. Now that our daughter has transferred out, we will not be back for awhile. We enjoyed the riverwalk and the great places in the area.

  5. We usually stay at Braunig Lake when we go to San Antonio however we are trying a new one next month. We will be staying at Green Lake Resort for a month. We love San Antonio and are excited to see how the RiverWalk looks decorated for the holidays. We were there one time too when it was drained for cleaning. Have a good week in SA.