Thursday, September 7, 2017


Currently in McKinney TX (Low 55 Sunny, Pleasant, Low Humidity High 83) 

The origins of Motor Coach Design, now MCD Innovations. The owners retired and bought a Monaco motorhome and hit the road. They immediately realized that there had to be something better than the cloth accordion day/night shades available at the time. Thinking they could do better they came off of the road and started Motor Coach Design in the early 2000s. Here is the office in from their 3rd location that they moved into in 2010.

Here is the loading dock side of the factory and where the RVs park.

The nice thing is that you can park right next to the factory and stay hooked up to the 50amp electrical provided. They tell you to come with freshwater tank full and black/grey tanks empty. A tech comes and measure then goes off and builds your shades. When finished they come back and install them. Here is the Cameo when we had custom shades for all the coach installed in 2013.

MCD started out catering to the RV industry and has branched out to commercial clients like Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, On the Border and many others. If you would like shades it would be best to call the office and get on the schedule as the limited number of sites are consistently full during the peak times of the year.

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