Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Currently in Waco TX (Low 61 Mostly Sunny High 95) 

We visited 'Magnolia Market at The Silos' yesterday and oh what a difference a day or a few hours makes. 

The recommended times are early or late and since it was going to be in the 90s late we opted for early and arrived at 9a. Since the bakery was so busy yesterday Bob dropped Jo off and then went to park.

Parking tip: Bob parked in the free parking lot behind Crossfit on 8th and it was great. The Baptist Church was charging $10 to park in their lot and others were charging also, you can bypass those and get ample free parking nearby. We were right by the food trucks which open up at 11a.

Parlaying their successful TV show 'Fixer Uppers' into a retail bonanza 'Magnolia Market and Gardens at The Silos' turned a down trodden area into a destination, probably the most visited tourist place in Waco. If you watch the TV show this has Joanna written all over it with stuff that she has used, or could use, in decorating the houses.

Joanna got all that and Chip just got a corner.

In addition to decorating items they have their own line of clothing (hats and t-shirts) with their logo or #SHIPLAP or #DEMODAY. They have a great outdoor area and plenty of seating if you want to eat your bakery goods there, we took ours home.

Magnolia Seed and Feed.

The bakery was real good and we may go back again as the stuff we bought didn't last long 😃

Till next time,

Bob and Jo