Thursday, March 2, 2017


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 35 Plenty of Sunshine High 64) 

Driving around Kerrville Texas you cannot help but notice this empty cross high on the hill overlooking Kerrville. So after Ash Wednesday Mass and lunch we decided to visit.

A local sculpturer and a foundation setup to build the sculpture prayer gardens had quite a battle with atheists and others who were in opposition. A lawsuit was filed but settled after a 9 year battle so that work could begin. The first thing installed was the empty cross in 2010.

In addition to the 77’7” contemporary sculpture called “The Empty Cross” there are seven other sculptures that can also be viewed at this location. There is a path throughout the garden, called the “Path To Heaven” consisting of 77 Bible verses, in multiple languages, to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is an example of the scripture tile.

Other sculptures.

As you can see here there is a lot more that is planned.

Although the work has just begun it still was neat to visit. We did have a GPS glitch that took us the wrong way but we eventually found it. It was windy and a little chilly, Jo wished she had her jacket. This site will be similar to Crazy Horse in South Dakota. You can come by every few years and check on the progress.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. That is really neat and I'm sure glad they won the battle.

  2. I loved visiting that garden. There are so many beautiful sculptures in that garden. What a treat to visit it on Ash Wednesday.
    If you have time, take a trip to Copper Cactus. It is a really cool place. We wrote about on our blog.