Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 48 Partly Sunny High 80) 

We really like this park nestled right next to the Guadalupe River, although we call it the "Wrong Way Corrigan" park. Wrong way because our GPS took us to the entrance on the other side of the highway. Luckily there was someone entering the gate on that side and he entered the code so we could enter and turnaround. If not we would have had to back onto highway which would not have been fun.

It was also wrong way when we tried to park. Approaching our loop we saw the power box and decided we had to back up and go in the other direction. When we got into the site we saw that the sewer connection was on the other side, the wrong side if you were. So we drove off and approached the way we originally came into the loop. With the power and water on the other side we had to run the water hose under the RV and we needed a couple of 25' hoses. The power cord was at the back so it wasn't a big deal.

After we got the "Wrong Way Corrigan" aspects of the park and got setup we can say we like the park. The roads and sites are asphalt. Every site in the Sycamore Loop is a pullthru with 50amp full hookups. We also had a great line of sight for our roof mounted satellite dish. This park is not a 'Winter Texan' type of place because there is not a clubhouse so there are no social activities. This is a city park that caters to short time visits so we didn't talk with that many folks. We did try to help a few people as they were coming in to explain the utility setup. There were a lot of RVs that we saw go one way, then a few seconds later we saw them head the other way.

A review would not be a review without some pictures. Here is the Lifestyle from the front, also showing to the left due to the layout of the park. You can barely see on of the primitive cabins along the river that the park has.

To the right.

From the rear.

We have to be back here in mid-September to followup on some of Bob's medical tests so we have made reservations here. Hopefully we will remember the setup and get into the site on the first attempt.

Note: Bonus points if you understood the "Wrong Way Corrigan" reference! 

We leave tomorrow for San Angelo Texas for our abbreviated travels this year.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We have wanted to stay at this park. We think we will do another TX tour next winter. If we stay here, I will be sure to make a note to check with you before we head to the park.

    We love San Angelo. The visitor center is beautiful. Don't miss all the sheep in town, Cactus Hotel, and Eggemeyer's General Store is great. Don't miss Fort Concho.
    We stayed in San Angelo State Park.

  2. We stayed on the side of the Kerrville-Schriener Park that you first headed into. We loved the park. It was surprising that a city could have such a nice facility. I think we get bonus points. Wasn't he the pilot that flew to Ireland when he was supposed to be going back to California?