Monday, August 15, 2016


Currently in Houghton MI (Low 54 Partly Sunny High 79) 

We recently did some sightseeing as we drove to the Stanton Township North Canal Park.

This park is on Lake Superior at the entrance to Keweenaw Waterway which is a partly natural, partly artificial waterway. It cuts across the Keweenaw Peninsula separating Copper Island from the mainland. 

Parts of the waterway are variously known as the the Keweenaw Waterway, Portage Canal, Portage Lake Canal, Portage River, Lily Pond, Torch Lake and Portage Lake. We left Houghton and drove along the canal on Canal Rd. It was a nice drive with some great homes backed up to the water and then inland where we saw kids picking wild berries of some sort. After a slight detour since the road to the park didn't have a sign we arrived at the park. Here is Lake Superior.

Across the waterway is McLain State Park and the Keweenaw Waterway Upper Entrance Lighthouse. We have visited McLain State Park on a previous trip to the area.

Here is Bob with the lighthouse in the background.

This is a primitive park that has a shelter house but everyone else there had driven to the beach and was exploring there versus using the shelter house.

An outhouse.

It was great to walk along the beach of Lake Superior and enjoy the scenery. Another great day on the UP.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. The UP is a place everyone should experience. I don't say much good about MI, but it is a beautiful state. Go

  2. I love beautiful drives like that. Hard to do much sight seeing when Jim is out fishing every day. lol