Friday, August 19, 2016


Currently in Houghton MI (Low 63 Rain High 75) 

Some things have changed since the last time we were in the Houghton area for Bob's birthday. As we blogged about before here in 2013 the area has a number of places that you can get a free meal on your birthday. The things that have changed are:

Kaleva Cafe in Hancock still has the free meal but with a very restricted policy. You have to be a local and a regular and be approved by the manager the day of your visit. Although we ate there a few times we felt we would not be approved so didn't even go.

The Loading Zone II in Lake Linden also still has the free meal but no longer is it the rack and a half of ribs that Bob got in 2013 it is a half rack, or a small pizza, or one of the regular entrees.

The other places still have the free meals; Gemignani's in Hancock, The Hut in Calumet or The Waterfront in Hancock (same owners so 1 meal), Gino's in Hancock, and Habanero's in Hancock. With so many choices and only 2 meals since Kaleva Cafe is the only one open for breakfast Bob's birthday eating consisted of the following after a light breakfast at home consisting of a peanut butter and thimbleberry jelly open faced sandwich.

We headed out to lunch which was across the waterway. Surprisingly one of the few times that we have been stopped waiting for waterway traffic to pass under the bridge was on this trip. This time it was for a sailboat which is real hard to see in this photo but you can see the bridge elevated.

Here is a picture that if you zoom in under the bridge you can see the guy on the sailboat waving to us, wishing Bob a Happy Birthday.

We finally got across the bridge and drove to Lake Linden for lunch at Loading Zone II where Bob got the half rack of ribs, baked potato, salad and a drink. Jo got a chicken and broccoli pizza with cheddar cheese. We forgot to take a picture here.

We went back to the park and sat outside reading waiting for the next meal which is also across the bridge. Supper was at Gemignani's where Bob got a free meal of the pork tenderloins which were char crusted and then topped with an onion and mustard reduction. Along with that came roasted vegetables and a side of spaghetti with meat sauce. Jo got the cheese and raisin ravioli with a garlic cream sauce and roasted vegetables which is a favorite of hers. Here is a picture of the free meal.

Here is a picture of Jo's meal.

We liked Gemignani's so much we are planning another visit before we leave. It is worth it at full price :-)

The same sailboat that was heading out to Lake Superior when we went to lunch was heading back to the marina so we got stopped on the other side of the bridge coming back.

We are leaving Houghton on Sunday and headings towards the Kansas City area so we might be able to enjoy some more free birthday eating along the way. The places that Bob has signed up for like First Watch and IHOP are not located in Houghton

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. I always forget about those free meals on our birthdays. I can really see why some places put restrictions on their meals. Bob, you sound like you got to super meals on your birthday. Happy birthday by the way. I can see you had a good day.