Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Currently in Aurora CO (Low 38 Afternoon Thunderstorms High 62)

Our Cameo has been in the elements for over 5 years now and has seen snow, rain and hail. The storm we had earlier this week made national news as a very bad hail storm hit us. We have had hail as we mentioned earlier but nothing like this. It was a 3 cat storm; let us explain.

We have one cat that at the start of just about any storm hides. Then one that it takes a bit more for them to hide. The third cat is usually pretty brave but this storm was so loud for so long that even that cat hid. It was too wet to get up on the roof to assess the damage but we really didn't have to. Our skylight in the bathroom was broken.

Plus there was a leak from the Fantastic Fan vent cover over the sink. We had called Dependable Mobile RV Service to come and take a look and an appointment was scheduled a couple days out. A little later we were surprised when the phone rang and it was Dependable Mobile RV Service calling to say that another RV in the park was damaged more severely and one of their techs was going to come out and wrap the damaged vent covers to prevent leaking and was wondering if we wanted him to do ours. Of course we said yes. Not only did he wrap the skylight and fan vent cover he discovered a couple of plumbing vents that also were damaged. The good news is that the rest of the roof looked like it survived the storm. The parts are on order and will be replaced Friday at which time another inspection of the roof in better lighting conditions will take place.

The next morning Bob did a walk around checking the truck and the Cameo and found only minor decal peeling on a refrigerator vent. He noticed today that we may have some more damage, this time to our sewer hose. We are filling the grey tank right now and will check that later today.

We will end with a couple of photos of the aftermath. This is hail and not snow on the ground.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I was in a record breaking hail storm in Austin, TX, a few years back. We survived, but it scared Emma of storms from then on. Also got a not so pleasant surprise when I dumped the black tank. Yuck! Picture 25 holes in the hose all leaking. :P

  2. Wow, hail big enough to break a shower skylight had to be really nasty stuff.

  3. Our friends are in that area and reported that it was terrible. We saw reports on the news. We are so happy that you had just a few issues. It could have been so much worse.

  4. Saw that storm on the news and I wondered how you guys were doing. Glad it wasn't worse. It's definitely bad enough though. I would have been hiding with the cats during that kind of storm.

  5. We were wondering about you guys, WOW! Drat! And good that you could get the problems addressed quickly....Consider a polychute sewer hose...we like ours. That snow in Buffalo (and all that Mike scraped off the roof onto the hose), and me sliding on the pile of snow and stepping on the hose multiple times did nothing to it. They are made well.

  6. Glad your ok. Hope all the repairs go ok. Then head south young man. Its hard to escape all the crazy weather every where. Travel safe and keep your eye on the weather reports.