Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Currently in Colorado Springs CO (Low 49 Partly Sunny High 73) 

Our cats our social media savvy. If we leave the laptop open invariably they will be checking their email, calendar, Facebook, etc. Here is Sandra exhausted after her bout of social media.

They quite haven't learned to type that well though and sometimes things happen that we don't want to happen like appointments on the calendar being edited. Sometimes they launch applications they shouldn't. Here is a recent example:

Always an adventure when you fulltime in 359 sq. ft. with three cats.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Poor thing! You must leave the laptop out more often, so she can stay caught up! Too much!

  2. HAHAHA...our Bella does the same thing and then just looks at us when we say....Look what the heck you did! She just walks away and lays down on her pillow.

  3. Too cute! Never a dull moment with cats around. In fact, one of ours is crawling on me right now as I try to type this.