Thursday, July 31, 2014


Currently in Monitor WA (Low 73 Sunny and HOT 101) 

After we got here Monday it rose to 103 degrees, Tuesday was 106, Wednesday 104. No relief in sight until we get to Saint Mary Montana in mid-August.

When it is this hot we barely do anything and when we do it is early. With our site orientation we need to get back and get our awnings out to help with the heat load. We haven't done much but we had probably our best Costco experience.

The parking lot was immaculate and we parked close, great in the heat, shade would have made it even better but alas no shade. Bob got his glasses cleaned and adjusted with barely a wait. The checkout lines went fast but the fastest line was the food court. Never have we seen a Costco food court operate so smoothly. Jo got a chicken bake, chunks of chicken in a ranch type sauce with bacon in bun baked with cheese on the outside.

Bob tried the turkey sandwich on a torta bun for the first time, sliced turkey, basil mayo, tomatoes, provolone.

Both were excellent and for about $8. In fact all their food is pretty darn good from the hot dogs and the polish and the berry yogurt sundae. Haven't tried the pizza yet but that is on our list. 

We visited the Pybus Public Market during a farmers market day. We have also eaten a great breakfast at the Wild Huckleberry. Jo got a Belgian waffle with huckleberry compote and mascarpone, Bob got a granny smith omelet with german sausage, apples, mushrooms, onions and a biscuit and gravy. A very good breakfast and a place we may hit again. When life gives you lemons you eat, at least we do :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We don't have a Costco here in Ohio only Sam's Club. I can't think of many times we went in and shopped and didn't eat. They have great food too.

  2. It has been hot is the Willamette Valley as well, but not that hot.