Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Overland Park KS (Low 72 Sunny and Humid High 94)

It is shocking to us that it has been 4 years since we moved into the Cameo with our 3 cats and spent our very first night full-timing. Although we don't like living in an extended stay hotel while our home is being worked on it means we have come full circle. When we moved in 4 years ago it was from an extended stay place.

We have had our ups and downs this past 4 years, from a difficult adjustment to medical issues causing us to stay longer in an area than planned and also at the most inopportune time. We had to spend a summer with the heat and humidity in Kansas City and a winter in Kansas City, not certainly what we planned, But if we can survive those we can survive most anything.

The good times have been equally good though. We have knocked off a lot from our bucket lists; Mount Rushmore, Utah National Parks, National Museum of the Pacific War where both our dads fought, the scale model of the USS New Mexico where Jo's dad served on, visiting an aircraft carrier the same class as the one Bob's dad served on, the USS Wasp, Pella, Iowa, Surf Ballroom, the list goes on and on of the great places we've been (certainly too many to list here).

We have also met great people both in person and virtually. It is amazing how many folks you see more than once in different parts of the country. We have yet to attend a rally because each time something comes up that interferes so we are not sure if we should plan on those ever again :-)

Each time there is a crisis we talk it out and so far agree that we are just not ready to quit full-timing, there are just too many more places we want to see in this great country of ours, way too many to list here. We plan to full-time until we physically can no longer handle the travel.

We will end with a few favorite shots from our 4 years, it was real tough to pick just a few.

We have camped at least one night in a lot of states, but a lot more to go.


Here is the obligatory shot of our rig parked next to the big boys with Bob posing proudly.

We got used to Christmas in Arizona pretty quickly, nothing says Christmas quite like palm trees

We enjoyed hiking the desert.

Spring Training is fun

We really enjoyed our stay at Rifle Gap State Park

The cats enjoyed our stay at Guadalupe River RV Park

We enjoyed seeing the Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island.

Utah was amazing.

As was Mount Rushmore.

Jo got to see a detailed scale model of the USS New Mexico.

Till next time, or better an homage to our blogging friends, the Singing Dogs in the Tautphas Park Zoo.


Bob and Jo


  1. You still need to travel both coasts! Lots to see there.

    1. You are so right. We "plan" on Left Coast next summer and East Coast the following summer-fall.

  2. Congratulations. You two have seen some beautiful country. Now that we are living the good life, I can't understand why people want to go back and see the same things every year. There is just so much more out here to enjoy. The adventure is amazing.

  3. Congratulations on four years of full timing?

  4. Way to go on 4 years good luck on more. As you know we know all about KC summer and winter.

  5. Congrats, and best wishes for many more years of travel!