Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tautphaus Park Zoo

As our stay in Idaho Falls is hopefully coming to an end the weather of course warmed up nicely, in fact the forecast was for a high of 80 yesterday so we figured that would be a great zoo day. After a great breakfast at Cedric's we headed to the Tautphaus Park Zoo. We have maintained our Friends of the Zoo membership at the Kansas City Zoo to support that Zoo which we like a lot and also for the Reciprocal Zoo program which gives you discounts on the entrance fee. It used to be free entrance but a lot of Zoos have started charging half price entrance fees. We were very surprised when it was free admittance.

The Tautphaus Park Zoo hosts Idaho's largest wildlife collection and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Highlights had to be the flock of threatened African penguins showing here. 

What we cannot show is the another highlight, that being the newborn wallaby babies. The fence interfered with our camera focusing so we ended up with a blurry mess. Speaking of camera issues sometimes when you take a photo through glass you end up with a reflection. Now we normally don't like to clutter our blog with photos of ourselves but this time we just could not resist. Here we are reflected in a glass partition, our day at the zoo.

Of course we had to get a photo of the big cats, this time lions sleeping.

You could say it was raining cats and dogs as here is the New Guinea Singing Dog. New Guinea Singing Dogs are named for their distinctive and melodious howl, which is characterized by a sharp increase in pitch at the start and very high frequencies at the end.

Well that wraps up our visit to the Zoo. All photos from this visit have been uploaded to in the Idaho Falls set.

The End

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Self portrait - too funny. A free visit to the zoo and beautiful weather. After a great breakfast. Those are the kinds of days we need more of.