Friday, May 18, 2012

Attention Green Chile Lovers

Green Chile Hollandaise, we are not kidding. We saw a very unique menu item at Cedric's Family Restaurant in Idaho Falls and Bob just had to try it, a Southwest Benedict. What is a Southwest Benedict you say? Well a Southwest Benedict is potato pancakes instead of an english muffin, topped with pork carnitas instead of ham and then guacamole and cheese. Then topped with an egg and smothered with the aforementioned green chile hollandaise. This dish is a winner and should be on any green chile lover's list of place to visit. Here is a view of Cedric's Family Restaurant so you won't miss it.

Wanna get sconed? We had previously blogged about how good the scones were at Cedrics and we just have to mention them again. Scones are an option instead of toast and yes you should get scones every chance you can. Here is a look at what their scones look like.

Here is the t-shirt that everybody there wears.

We have eaten at a lot of great places but the sheer genius of the Southwest Benedict and the decadence of the scones make this one of our favorite finds since we began full-timing almost 3 years ago.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo