Thursday, November 17, 2011

We ran out of words

Utah is our favorite state so far while full-timing. The beauty was so overwhelming we ran out of words to describe what we were seeing. We kept using the same words over and over again.





Very (as in very scenic, very beautiful, etc.)
Simply (as in simply amazing, simply gorgeous, etc.)

Zion was our favorite National Park, although we did not get a chance to see Bryce Canyon National Park, oh well, must save something for one of our next visits to Utah. We would not hesitate to visit all the National Parks again as they were so amazing and left you wanting to see more. Plus the light at different times of the day impacted the scenery. There were two parts of Zion and we only got to see the lower part so we will see Kolob Canyon next time. The two areas of Zion are a ways from each other that each area has their own visitors center.

The towns we visited were neat too. Moab is a great town with great scenery and stuff to do nearby and great food places. Torrey is remote but very scenic and stuff to do nearby and great food places. Kanab is very scenic and plenty of stuff to do nearby but we struggled mightily to find a good place to eat. To be fair the two best places probably to eat in the town are evening only place and we do not like to be out after dark

We would not hesitate to visit Moab and Torrey again but we might find a different location that is more convenient to visit Bryce Canyon the next time.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I think Bryce was my favorite, but it's true...Utah is gorgeous!

  2. I so agree. We do run out of words to describe how beautiful Utah is. And I also agree that we couldn't find a decent place to eat in Kanab either. We only ate out once while we were there and not impressed.

  3. Extraordinary! We're headed that way in a couple of months and think we'll mosey around all those nat'l and state parks for a month or so. So beautiful! The blog is for the dogs (!) but haven't had a lot of time for it lately. Once we get going on the trip, perhaps combine the RV life with the doggie blog!
    Wonderful blog!