Friday, November 25, 2011

Learned something new today (and a great product for RVs)

Today proves the old adage that you are never too old to learn something new. We had a big housecleaning day today and we washed the insides of the windows since we are getting the 5er washed and waxed on Monday. We have always had dirty windows screens from our days of living in the old sticks and bricks but it is much worse in the RV since a lot of the time you are parked on gravel and the wind kicks up and you get the picture. We have tried attachments on the vacuum and other techniques that just have not cut it.

Just recently we were in Ace Hardware and we noticed a packet of Clean Screen wipes so we figured what the heck. Well we tried them out and they work great. Advertisement says specially formulated to attract dust and it sure does. Our screens have not looked this good since we picked up the Cameo over 2 years ago.

The wipes are not what we learned today; what we learned is that the screens on our RV pop out for easy cleaning. Our previous inspections of the screens showed what we thought were mounting screws but they turned out to be assembly screws for the screen. Bob learned this as he was trying to clean the outside of the screen from the outside and popped the screen inward. Our cat Sandra who always keeps track of what we are doing was right there and was real interested in the opening created so Jo ran inside. Once we learned the screens could be easily removed from the inside it was a 2 person job to remove and clean the screen and watch to make sure a cat did not try to escape.

As you can probably tell by the lack of blog updates we are settled in at our winter location and with our sightseeing reduced so will our blogging, that is until we learn something new.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Can't remember how I learned that the screens pop out for cleaning, but a hose and a brush do work best I think. :) Now if I could just find someone to wash and wax the rig for me in my isolated location...

  2. Thanks for the cleaning screen idea! We just happened to learn the screens popped out the same you did, cleaning from the outside.

    We had our Cameo washed today. Everything is all spiffy, inside and out. We're now ready for winter in Florida.