Friday, April 15, 2011

On our way back to the KC area - in Grants NM

Technically it is probably Milan NM which is right next to Grants. Boggles our minds how in the 5th largest state with the 5th lowest population and not that many towns why you would have two towns so close together. The guy at the office of the Bar S RV Park where we are now says they have three exits off of I-40 but it takes them two towns to get that many.

Bob did our checklist of departure tasks for the outside tasks yesterday which is a lot less since we don't put out bird feeders or lawn chairs or other outside stuff when we are heading somewhere. We did our inside departure tasks this morning and hooked up the truck and journeyed 220 miles. The weather forecast calls for an overnight low of 22 degrees so the only thing Bob did after we got setup and the truck disconnected was to connect power and add some fresh water to the fresh water tank. The last part of our departure tasks Bob just did; updating current location and current trip on the blog.

We plan to spend a couple nights in the area not sure of what sightseeing we will do.

We plan to finish up blogging on our Winslow activities shortly.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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