Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Departure on hold

We have been thinking about leaving and heading back to the Kansas City area for friends, family and doctors and we planned on doing prep work tomorrow and departing on Thursday for Winslow AZ. Part of our departure ritual is to check the weather for our destinations. Our neighbor here in Goodyear drives for Wal-Mart and he calls Winslow "WINDSblow" and we know why. The forecast calls for 70 mph wind gusts in Windsblow on Thursday. We then checked the Phoenix area and there will be 50 mph gusts so we are staying put for a couple extra days. The extended forecast for both areas call for high winds so we are now planning on leaving Sunday. The great thing about this lifestyle is that we can make these adjustments easily. The added bonus is we will be able to eat one last time at some of our favorites.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. No point in heading into bad weather if you do not have too. Stay safe.

  2. Winds don't stop in AZ! Be safe going through NM! Give Gallup a wave as you pass through!

  3. We're in Santa Fe, and the forecast in the SF/ABQ area is calling for big winds through Sunday. Monday and Tuesday look much better. Stay safe and give us a wave!