Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whole lotta eating!!!

August is Bob's birthday month and no we won't tell you how old he is! Through the years we have signed up for a lot of frequent quest programs or e-clubs at various restaurants. As Bob's birthday approached the emails started flowing in with offers of free food. The nice thing about these programs is that by joining them Bob got a free entree or money off just for signing up..

So far we have eaten at McCormick and Schmicks which gives you $30 on your birthday. Of all the offers this is the only one you have to pay to join but the fee is immediately refunded in a dining certificate of the same value. Bob joined this program while he was still working and traveling a lot on business. The program used to be a lot better but the bad economy has forced them to stop giving the spouse a free birthday gift.

All the other e-clubs are free to join and the offers received include a breakfast at First Watch, a stir fry meal at BD's, a dessert at Fridays, $10 off a $20 check at Mimi's, coffee or tea at Borders, and a free buffet at Ryan's.

We recommend signing up for the frequent quest programs or e-clubs at these restaurants and we are sure there are more. It is a great way to save a little money which is a good thing and an excuse to eat at some of our favorite places to eat which is a great thing.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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