Monday, August 9, 2010

Albuquerque NM 2010 Stopover

We have blogged about our love for New Mexico and specifically the Albuquerque area before,, so this will be a brief entry. For more details you can refer to the earlier post.

This was a brief stopover. We camped at the Stagecoach RV Park which has an excellent view of the Sandia Mountains and was the recommendation of our friends Ed & Diane Heath who incidentally were in town on a business trip so we were able to meet up with them at one of my old time favorites in the area, Sadies. We say old time favorite because when it was in the bowling alley years and years ago it was our favorite in the area. It still is good but not our favorite.

Our favorite now would have to be La Salita where Bob met an old friend TC Hobson for lunch one day and we went back for lunch another day. The chile rellenos there are some of the best we have ever had. A close second on the favorite list is the Range Cafe in nearby Bernalillo. Bob had a green chile cheeseburger with green chile mac-n-cheese which were excellent. Another favorite there is the Range Chicken. You cannot go wrong with the food in Albuquerque that is for sure.

A couple of photos from this brief visit have been added to

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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  1. Good to hear from you guys hope its cool where you are because it is real HOT here in KC.