Saturday, July 8, 2023


Currently in Raymore MO (Low 58 Cloudy A Thunderstorm in Spots High 80) 
We saw the 5th, and hopefully final, Indiana Jones: The Dial of Destiny.
We say hopefully the final installment because the series has sadly run its course. Seeing a older man running around was something you just can't erase from your mind. He was an old man trying to be like a young man. Compare that to Sean Connery in the 3rd installment where he was an old man and played an old man perfectly.

The plot involves the search for Archimedes' Dial of Destiny. Of course there were Nazi's in the movie, car chases (actually Tuk Tuks), and action on a moving train. Pretty much the same plot as the other movies. An added twist to this movie was time travel.

It's hard to recommend this movie, but fans of the series may want to watch it at least for nostaglia reasons.
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Bob & Jo

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