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Some people say that the bias in the media is a recent happening but this movie proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this bias has been pervasive for many years. In the movie 'Chappaquiddick' we see it in spades.

In 1969 Ted Kennedy (played by Jason Clarke) drives off a bridge into Poucha Pond with Mary Jo Kopechne (played by Kate Mara) in the car. Ted gets out of the car and just leaves the scene and doesn't report the accident for 10 hours. The movie deals with the aftermath of how the Kennedy's, especially Joe Kennedy (Ted's father played by Bruce Dern) had no regard other than what this would do to Ted's political future. There was especially no regard for Mary Jo Kopechne trapped in that car. The press was a willing accomplice allowing themselves to be manipulated. Law enforcement was also lacking bowing to pressures from the Kennedy machine.

After seeing the movie we now know why according to Variety that the CEO of Entertainment Studios was heavily pressured by the Kennedy clan and others to not do this movie. We understand that it has to be hard on the current generation of Kennedys since they had nothing to do with this incident or the coverup. This was also a little tough on Bob who as a Catholic in the 60s supported the Kennedys. But this story had to be told. Added one of the actors: “This movie’s also been a long time coming. The fact that the movie wasn’t made before is pretty impressive.” The acting was terrific making this a movie to see, even though it is somber and downright disturbing at times, if only for the history that took so long to be revealed.

If Ted Kennedy had a soul the name Mary Jo Kopechne should have haunted him till his dying day, but we guarantee after seeing this movie the name Mary Jo Kopechne will be seared into your consciousness.

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  1. I remember thinking at the time this happened that I just knew he wouldn't suffer any consequences because he was a Kennedy and how unfair life could be.