Monday, February 5, 2018


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 39 Cloudy and Cooler High 61) 

Because of some of the NFL players not standing for the National Anthem we quit watching NFL games this year. So we didn't watch the Super Bowl yesterday and we went to a movie instead. We went to "12 Strong", the declassified true story of the horse soldiers. 

Immediately after the attacks on September 11th a small group of U.S. Special Forces head to Afghanistan and partner with the Northern Alliance, a collection of ethnic groups which has been fighting the Taliban since its inception in the mid 1990s.

Chris Hemsworth (probably best known as Thor from the Marvel movies) plays Capt. Mitch Nelson who leads the group of 12 who were the first U.S. boots on the ground in the war that followed the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We thought this was a good alternative to supporting the millionaire crybabies of the NFL and shows why we #StandForTheFlag.

We really liked the movie and recommend it. Well acted with tension at the beginning as the U.S. Special Forces were developing a relationship with the Northern Alliance. Of course there was a lot of action as they were outnumbered and outgunned and on horse back against tanks. When the movie was over we said to each other if this wasn't a true story we might think it was an outlandish plot.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. As long as the horses don't die. I know they get killed in war but I don't want to see it. I'm having trouble getting my blog to post but maybe in the morning. Pictures of Sal's.

  2. Kudos for supporting our beloved country. And thanks for the movie review; we will try to see this one. Hope Jo is feeling better!

  3. You missed one of the best Superbowl game's in a long while.

  4. It had to be better than watching football and the spoiled players:)