Saturday, November 25, 2017


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 44 Sunny High 79) 

Another couple weeks, another round of appointments at various doctors. Jo had a couple of appointments. Bob again wins with a visit to the cardiologist which resulted in an echo-cardiogram that he had earlier this week. Then a followup on the thyroid biopsy which thankfully was benign, however, at some point the thyroid will have to be removed. We had a decision to make as to now or later and we decided to have it now. Finally, Bob had an encounter with a long tube with a camera on the end 😉 

Bob was tempted to forego the colonoscopy this year but he is glad that he did. He had 5 polyps with 2 of them suspicious. We are waiting on the testing results of the suspicious ones. The doctor told us something interesting, that is not considered colon cancer until the polyp eats into the wall of the colon. These polyps were outside the wall making both of us very thankful he had it done.

Now for the public service announcement. We feel that everyone should abide by the colonoscopy recommendations, that beginning at age 50 you should get your first one. Then continue getting them until age 75 at the intervals suggested by your physician based on your particular results and family history. Colon cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer so go get yourself tested.

Cannot believe it but we found another water leak. With our cats it seems we are always cleaning up hair balls. While cleaning up one in the closet we found wet carpet. Turns out our shut off valve for the washing machine was leaking. Bob tightened it and stopped the leak for a day or two but it came back, now we have to deal with the aftermath. If that was the only thing we might feel better but when Bob was opening the windows to air out to help the drying a window broke. Bob taped it shut until we can get it fixed. We are certain this look will sweep the nation.

While checking the window outside Bob noticed that one of the hydraulic jacks was leaking. If that wasn't enough we are already trying to find a replacement for a dimmer switch which the RV dealership we talked to couldn't find. Bob was able to locate the manufacturer and ordered the switch. But like everything else nobody maintains inventory and the switch will have to be made. It's times like this that we look at each other and say what the heck are we doing!

We had lunch with brand new full-timers Steve and Vicki. We had great steaks at Mamacita's in Kerrville. We know, getting a steak at a Tex-Mex place, but they were really good. We just kept talking and talking about this and that and before we knew it almost 4 hours had passed. They will be in Kerrville a while longer and we plan to meet up with them again.

We'll end with a rare sunset photo here. There are too many trees between our site and the sunset. While taking the photo we were being watched (you can click on the photo to enlarge it).

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Gracious this is just too many bad things happening to you two. People that don't full time, think that everything always is sunshine and roses. They need to read this post and realize what reality is for an RVer.
    Paul and I get our colonoscopy when it is time. Paul needs to go every three years because they always find polyps. I go every six.
    When will Bob have his thyroid removed? I don't know anyone that has had that removed. Will he be on medicine the rest of his life? What changes in every day life will need to be made? Glad all the other tests went great.

  2. Just had my colonoscopy on Wednesday. 5 polyps. Doc is sure they are benign but results next week. Then do it all again in three years. Even though Jim is 78 he has to have another one in four years cause his Mom had colon cancer. My cousin has no thyroid and is doing great so praying for the best for you. All the problems you've had make me feel guilty about whining about my oven. So frustrating.

  3. As a colon cancer survivor I agree on the need for colonoscopy's. I had no symptoms....just a low iron count and my GP was ruling out everything and a colonoscopy found the mass. Surgery and chemo and now 9 years out. Whew! Good luck on the RV repairs. We find there is always something on the "to do" list. But, there was always more on the "to do " list in our sticks and bricks house and we didn't get the views we get now.