Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Currently in Moab UT (Low 50 Sunny High 88) 

Jo wants to know where the happy medium is. About a week ago the overnight temperatures were in the low 20s and we had some snow a couple of days. Today is supposed to be 88 and sunny. Would have been nice to gradually get to where we are. Although we are not in the 100s like our friends in the valley of the sun.

We have made some more changes to the blog in addition to revamping our foodie section that we blogged about earlier.

We got rid of the weather plugin because it was not showing the current weather conditions correctly and we haven't found a suitable replacement. It does help to reduce the clutter.

We also updated our travel history section showing our current up to date travels for 2017.

Finally we have added more states to 'Our Google Maps - Places to See and Eat' and moved it up to just below our 'States Visited Map'. The great thing for us is as we add a place on the map it is now automatically available on the linked map showing.

Some of the places to eat are on our foodie favorites section but some are not. These are ones we have noted somehow as being a place to try while in the area. We still have a few states (Mississippi, Tennessee, et al.) to add which we will do as we are heading that way. Bob uses the info as he is planning our travels to make sure we know about the area before we get there or to plan a stop.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. You guys are just way too organized. I can hardly wait for 88 degrees.

  2. I get it:) We are in North Dakota and have high winds and temps in the 40/50 range. We head west in the morning and the temps here will be in the high 80's in the next few days?