Monday, April 10, 2017


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 41 Plenty of Sunshine High 67) 

Subtitle 1: Our travel day from hell
Subtitle 2: Evergreen; what were you thinking?
Subtitle 3: Gorilla Tape

We left Roswell New Mexico yesterday and headed towards Albuquerque New Mexico. 

Our travel day from hell - The first thing of note is that for the majority of the trip we had a pretty strong headwind. Occasionally we had a sidewind (more on that later). Our 1 ton dually performed admirably and we never once thought about ending our trip due to wind. At our first rest stop Bob checked his tape job on the underbelly and it was holding. Funny thing is that as we were walking to the bathrooms the wind was in our face, on the return walk it was at our side. By now we are a little worried about fuel consumption.

Our second stop was for diesel because by now we knew we would not make it to Albuquerque. Bob checked the underbelly again and it was horrible. The bigger piece of the 2 piece pan was dragging on the ground. The side wind that Bob thought might aid our mileage had devastated the underbelly. Luckily there was a very big lot next to the pumps and Bob crawled under the RV once again, this time disconnecting the pan which we put in the trash along with the insulation.

Evergreen; what were you thinking? Evergreen was the manufacturer of our Lifestyle RV. With the pan removed it became very apparent that 2 straps meant to hold the black and grey tanks were not screwed down. There was a pile of the screws right where the two straps would have been screwed to the frame. At first Bob thought they had broken off but upon further review found that the straps were too short and were never screwed in. Instead of getting longer straps they just put the screws that they should have used on top of the insulation and then lifted the pan and secured it. Evergreen: what were you thinking?

Gorilla Tape - There was some taping still to be done, the smaller piece of the 2 piece was basically still intact and the straps needed to be taped above the road or would bounce off of the payment causing problems. All the taping was completed and we hit the road again and finally made it to Albuquerque. For a while during the day yesterday we weren't where we would end up.

We are staying again at the Albuquerque KOA Journey.

It was approximately 200 miles, this is the route we took.

Bob spent the morning calling a mobile RV service and trying to find the pan. Since Evergreen is out of business finding parts is an adventure. In addition to getting the underbelly fixed while here we plan on meeting some friends and eating out, well mostly eating out 😏

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. HAHAHAHA....I love the subtitles. So appropriate.
    We sure hope y'all can get someone out there and get that pan fixed.
    Enjoy Albuquerque. We have done so much sightseeing there. We really enjoy the area.

  2. At least you kept your sense of humor. I would have been madder than heck! Why can't these manufactures build these things to last???? $$$$$ Good luck or your next trip. We leave next week and I am already thinking about what could go wrong....yuck!

  3. The quality control on an RV is non-existent. Hopefully you can find somebody in Alb that can fix it for you but thank goodness for gorilla tape in the meantime.

  4. Good luck with the repair. We are in Albuquerque too staying out at Isleta Lakes RV Campground. Hopefully the wind will be quiet for your stay. We are trying your recommendation for best chile rellenos at La Salita today.

    1. Oh no the pressure is on :-) You will have to let us know about your visit, hope it is as good as we remember.

    2. The rellenos were really good. Some of the best we have ever had. The soapapillas were delicious. We will definitely be taking your recommendations as we travel. Stay safe.