Saturday, November 5, 2016


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 55 Mostly Sunny High 84) 

We have voted absentee before and Bob thought he allowed enough time to get the ballot requests mailed to us. You always have to factor in the mail has to get to Texas. It looks like the ballot requests got there the day after our mail was sent. Then it was another two weeks before the mail was sent out.

Once received the ballot requests have to be mailed back and then wait for the actual ballots to get delivered to Texas. Escapees then sends them to us. Because we were late getting the requests in we had Escapees express the ballots to us.

Then it went from challenging to interesting. Jo's envelope had the ballot but Bob's did not. So Jo filled out her ballot and we mailed it back with tracking. Bob called the county clerk and a new ballot was FedExed which arrived the next day with a FedEx overnight envelope. Bob voted and dropped it off with a FedEx truck he saw  in a parking lot.

Now it becomes very interesting. Both ballots via USPS (Jo) and FedEx (Bob) were supposed to arrive by 12p yesterday. Bob's got there but Jo's is still 'In Transit to Destination'. Probably a metaphor about this election :-)

We are hoping that Jo's ballot gets there by 7p Tuesday so it can be counted. But at least we can tentatively say that we voted.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We stuck ours in the mail last week but I haven't been tracking it. I figure I did everything I could and it's up to the mailman now. I just want it over with.

  2. We heard a DJ on the radio say...You don't vote...You don't get to complain. Totally agree. I am sure there will be lots of complaining no matter which way it goes. I am just thrilled that it is going to be over!!!

  3. Well you perservered and made a real effort to do your civic duty...will be keeping my fingers crossed for Jo's ballot. Love you guys ��