Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 46 Partly Sunny High 76) 

We are glad that we got here early on Monday morning and very thankful to the folks at Camp TC that allowed us to moochdock Sunday evening. There were about 10 rigs ahead of us when we got in line, most of which we later found out had gotten here beginning Sunday morning and dry camped. We got here about 740a for a 8a checkin and was a little surprised there weren't more in front of us and more after us. Here we all are waiting.

We were a little miffed that there were already RVs that were parked. We later found out that there were a number of reserved spots for VIPs and dignitaries, even though the website said first come first served rally style parking.

At 8a the RVs pulled into the campground and checked in at the kiosk. 

That was when it got even more confusing because 1 guy was driving 2 motorhomes plus there was a group of 4 motorhomes that wanted to be together. The rest of us behind them maintained our composure as one guy said, "we have all week to get parked" since the Balloon Fiesta doesn't start until Saturday, October 1st. Since there were a number of sites that were empty yet reserved we had to be parked individually so it took awhile.

We had a big decision to make right away when it was our turn, 30amp versus 50amp. We are going to surprise a lot of folks because we went with 30amps since those sites were closer to the launch field. The front row sites are all configured for a motorhome, that is the backin site puts the front of the motorhome and its big front window with a great view towards the launch field. Most of the 2 front rows were reserved even though they were empty. We chose a 2nd row site that has a good line of sight between the 2 RVs in the first row. Here is a picture out our back window of the launch field.

After getting setup and meeting the nicest couple from Maryland also here for the first time, Garnett and Jackie, we walked around to get familiar with our new surroundings. Here are a couple Monday afternoon shots of the launch field, certainly going to get more activity as the week progresses.

We are also close enough that we can easily take our chairs closer to the bluff overlooking the launch field. Plus we are amongst the VIPs, supposedly right next to the Mayor. Wonder how Fred Hoiberg got tickets :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I'm not too impressed with the fact that there are so many reserved spots. Wonder how you get on that list? Hope you get to see lots from your spot.

  2. Awesome site. Once the balloon fiesta starts, my guess is you two will be out of the 5er more than in. Hope you both have a heating pad. Your necks are going to get a workout. Lol