Thursday, April 21, 2016


Currently in Congress AZ (Low 55 Mostly Sunny Currently 64) 
Heading to Winslow AZ (Currently 45 Sunny High 83)

Well we made it, we left the spot we have been since November 2014. It was a short trip (about 60 miles) to Congress Arizona and Escapees North Ranch. 

Here is the route we took.

We are here to get our Lifestyle LS38RS and Ford F-350 weighed at Escapees SmartWeigh. Bob was worried when the sticker that was put on when the Lifestyle was built listed about one thousand pounds less for cargo carrying capacity than the brochure.

The results of the weighing are that both the truck and RV need to go on a diet and we need to move some of the weight from one side to the other. The great news is that we won't need an expensive upgrade to the axles and tires that Bob thought we might need. We will shed some pounds and move things around this summer and get it reweighed when we are back in the area in November. We plan a more detailed blog entry on this in the future.

We leave today continuing our trek first to Kansas City for about a month and then to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a couple of months. Should be an interesting summer, we will keep you posted.

We are only staying one night since the park has 30a electrical and it is hot enough to be a little uncomfortable without the second air conditioner. As we mentioned before 30a electrical is what we consider camping. 

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Yipeeeeee. Back on the road.
    We had our Motorhome and 5er weighed by Escapees. They do a good job.