Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Currently in Tonopah AZ (Low 33 Plenty of Sunshine High 68) 

We left Goodyear Arizona yesterday and drove a short distance west to Tonopah to the Saddle Mountain RV Park. Here we are parked in our site.

To the right

To the left

The sunsets here are supposed to be nice and we are in a good site to see them. Here is the first night's sunset.

During our setup here with the truck door open Jo saw a hummingbird fly into the truck so we got the hint and put up a feeder stuck to our window. Didn't take long for our first visitor.

The cats will sure enjoy the new visitors.

We decided on this one month stay to give us another trip or two to exercise our RV before our warranty runs out. We are glad that we did because we are still having problems with our Bigfoot automatic leveling system. Oh well the joys of this lifestyle.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. That is where we met you two. A very nice park. Enjoy.

  2. looks relatively empty there this time of year? I remember the day you pulled-up to our site there last year. We enjoyed this park and will return someday. Looks like fall weather in Arizona....enjoy!