Monday, August 3, 2015


Currently in Flagstaff AZ (Low 50 Afternoon Thunderstorms High 80) 

Jo doesn't have her followup at the pain center until mid-August so we decided to escape the heat one more time. We drove yesterday to Flagstaff. At about 7000' the temperatures are much cooler. It will be nice that the daytime high is lower than the overnight lows where we came from. Here is the route we took:

The cooler temperatures, although some rain, for the week.

Compared to the weather in the valley.

We are both feeling some effects from the higher altitude so we are taking it easier today. It sure is nice to have the windows open, the cats really like that. For the rest of the week if it rains we go to movies, when cool we plan to do some sightseeing. We did have our first taste of the monsoons, ironically just after we blogged that we had been spared so far, funny how that works. We got dumped on pretty good Friday afternoon causing some flooding and wind damage although other parts of the valley got hit harder. Apache Junction, where Jim and Sandy from Where Are The Dixon's Today fame, may have gotten hit by a microburst. The news was showing damage in Apache Junction and it was the mobile home park next to them. They blogged on the storm and have pictures of damage in their park. We are glad that they are OK. Here is the picture of that monsoon from the network broadcast.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We are thrilled also that Sandie and Jim were spared.

    Enjoy those cooler temps!

  2. Flagstaff is such a huge change from the valley, or the rest of the state for that matter.

  3. You guys definitely picked a good week to be out of the valley. It's certainly warm. Saw the doc this morning and got the drain out. Need to heal for a couple more weeks and then hopefully we too can leave for awhile.