Saturday, June 27, 2015


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 86 Afternoon Storms High 109) 

We have a tendency that when we jump in we jump in all the way, from Google to Good Sam to others. The latest all in is Weathertech. We had been looking at replacing our carpeted floor liners on our Ford F-350 and were down to choosing between Weathertech and Husky Liners. When Paul and Margery from Living our Dream chose Weathertech and then blogged about it we were closer to choosing. 

By this time we also need a new sun shade. Bob did a lot of research and settled on Weathertech. It is a US company which makes us feel good. What we like about their products is that they are laser measured and customized for each vehicle. Here is the sun shade from the inside.

And from the front. 

What we like about the Weathertech sun shade is that it fits incredibly well and it rolls up and has a velcro strap for easy storage when not using. 

We chose black for the floor liners because most of the time here in Goodyear we are tracking in black dust, probably from the old asphalt. Our old carpet was stained pretty bad in black. We figured that wouldn't show up as bad on the black floor liners. Here is the back seat with the seats up.

With the seats down.

The front seat.

It scares us but Weathertech has many more products to chose from to continue our 'all in' mentality. We purchased the liner cleaner and protector products along with an interior detailer and an interior glass cleaner. We will let you know how they work.

We will leave you with this photo from our park of a blooming saguaro. 

We have seen these before but never with one with so many possible blooms.

Weather wise it was bound to happen and it looks like the rainy season may be upon us as the afternoon forecast calls for thunderstorms. Yeah all we need is humidity in addition to 110 degree days.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. I've heard nothing but good things about Weathertech. We just have a cheap sunscreen for the truck but it is amazing how much good it does. We are rockin' and a rollin' here tonight. Hopefully we're about done. No rain though.