Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 42 Mostly Sunny High 70) 

We recently saw the movie "The Gambler".

We liked this movie but it is not one that we can recommend because it not a great subject matter plus it is kind of dark and moody. The theme of the movie is 'the only way out is all in' and it deals with the character played by Mark Wahlberg and his addiction to gambling.

Sometimes you go to movies and enjoy the performances. Both Wahlberg and John Goodman were really good in it, although in one scene Goodman really needed a large towel. Those who see the movie will understand.

We are getting the damage to our truck due to hail damage fixed this week. We got hit by hail in the Denver area in September and did not realize how bad it was until we had a mobile repair company give us an estimate. There are so many dents that they needed the truck in the shop for a few days. We are now driving a rental car, a Chrysler 200.

It feels like we are riding on a skate board. We are so used to be riding high in the truck and seeing over other vehicles. We are also used to the great mirrors of the truck, these little side mirrors are hard to get used to. It should only be a few days that we are skating along.

We did get a call Monday on our new fifth wheel. It is supposed to ship late this week and be in Tucson next week. They will need some time to do their walkthrough and add the satellite dish and washer/dryer so we are looking at the first of February to get our new home. We'll keep you posted.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo