Monday, December 29, 2014


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What began for us in 2001 when we took our first trip to Middle Earth to see "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings" has ended. Six movies later we have taken our last trip to Middle Earth, the mythical creation of J. R. R. Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbitt. We recently saw "The Hobbitt: Battle of the 5 Armies".

We are sad that our visits to Middle Earth has ended. Neither one of us have ever read the books. We went to the first movie because some of our friends were giddy with excitement to see them and we were hooked. "Battle of the 5 Armies" concludes the 3 movies made from one book, "The Hobbitt". To be honest they probably should have stuck with the original plan to make 2 movies as the 2nd and 3rd movies drug a little in spots and could have been combined. But that way they wouldn't have made so much money.

In this movie Bilbo Baggins and the dwarfs have reclaimed the dwarf kingdom under the mountain from Smaug the dragon. Smaug attacked the humans in the nearby community and once that was resolved the humans and elves want their share of the treasures under the mountain. War is about to break out when an army of Orcs arrives, the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend applies and the humans, elves and dwarfs combine forces to fight the Orcs and defeat the first wave. A second wave is also thwarted when the giant eagles arrive.

Another great Peter Jackson directed visit to Middle Earth. 6 movies and 13 years later and we still want more. There are rumors that another movie either based on Tolkien's "Silmarillion" or an original work is being thought about, if they can make money you know they will try. We hope we can visit Middle Earth again but only if it is a good movie and not one just thrown together to make money. 

It is hard to recommend this movie; if you have visited Middle Earth before you probably already have plans for your return visit. If this would be your first visit it may not work out for you.

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Bob and Jo


  1. Thanks for the review. It's on my list for sure. I DID real all the books years ago. Peter Jackson did the best job of bringing them to life. Before him, there were animated movies of The Hobbitt, but they were child's play compared to the masterful job Peter Jackson did. Kudos to him for sticking to it.

  2. Thanks for dropping by our blog "Phannie and Mae." We've followed you guys for years; yours is one of our favorite blogs. Happy trails, y'all!