Monday, September 1, 2014


Currently in Great Falls MT (Low 45 Breezy with Clouds and Sun Currently 52)
Heading to Billings MT (Currently 53 Some Sun and Shower High 74) 

A great thing about traveling this great country of ours is seeing a lot of beautiful churches. We went to Mass at St. Ann Cathedral in Great Falls over the weekend. Here is the church exterior.

The main and side altars.

Closeup of the main altar.

A beautiful side altar.

The Bishop's Doors. Since this is a Cathedral, the Bishop's Church, there are doors that are opened only when the Bishop is in the Church. Since the Pastor was saying Mass these doors remained closed.

We spent the week at Dick's RV Park which has to have the best handout of any park we have been at. Supersized in both size and content. A map of Great Falls on the background plus details on park water pressure and propane sales with coupons for some area restaurants this handout has it all. Here is the Cameo from the front in the park. As you can see there is good space between the sites.

From the back showing the dish getting a great signal. As you can see there are few trees to block the dish.

The view to the right shows wide roads

As does the view to the right.

We took these photos nearing dusk to catch this great sunset.

Here is the Cameo and that great sunset.

Another great week as we continue our trek across this great country of ours. We'll end with a rare shot of all three cats in one frame, this time enjoying the sun at Dick's RV Park.

We head to Billings Montana today, Lord willing and the slideout comes in.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Last year we stayed at Dicks, without a reservation (40' MH 4 slides). Our site was back in the corner, backed up to the off ramp, between an ancient motorhome with AZ plates (it would never make the trip home; showed signs of a fire) and a permanently arranged 5th wheel whose owner worked on vehicles and didn't clean up after his large dog. Beyond that was the area where everyone took their dogs for bizness and then the storage area. We felt we increased the property taxes of the neighborhood when we moved in! lol glad you got a better looking site!

  2. Love the shot of the cats. How you ever got them all to pose like that is beyond me. So sorry we won't get to see you tonight. Hope all goes well with the brakes.

  3. Beautiful church.

    Meant to ask you a while back...where do the cats ride when you are on the road?

  4. We get the bedroom ready for travel and put the slide in. Then the cats go in, 2 ride under the bed and the other on the bed. We figure the least amount of bouncing there. We get to our next location and put out the downstairs slides then open the bedroom door and the cats come right out.