Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Goodyear AZ (Low 46 Sunny High 82)

We "planned" to go to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix with some friends recently on the free admission day. We wanted to see the Chiluhy Glass exhibit.

Glass sculptures like the above displayed throughout the park. Plus it was the beginning of wildflower season. The key words above were "planned" and "free". Seniors just love their free days, plus we didn't realize that it was also the week of spring break for some students in the area. Words cannot describe how busy it was, so busy in fact that there was a sign on the entrance and a guard there saying that it was temporarily closed.

So now what to do? The four of us had talked about visiting the IKEA store in Tempe since none of us had ever visited so we headed there.

This was quite an experience, two floors, 355,000 sq. ft. on 21 acres. You follow a serpentine path on both floors through a lot of exhibits. Plus at the end there is a grocery area. We enjoyed the tour and bought a couple of things and then it was time for lunch. Close to IKEA is Rudy's Country Store and BBQ.

Rudy's has very good Texas BBQ brisket, some of the moistest and tender brisket we have ever had and we are from the Kansas City area. What follows lunch is sometimes dessert. We had heard good things about pie at the Pecan Grove Restaurant & Pie Co. in Chandler. We had pecan, strawberry rhubarb ie, lemon cream, and german chocolate slices. We bonused because as we were sitting there the clock turned to 3p and on 3p on Tuesday it is 1/2 price whole pie. We went home with a peach pie for our friends and a strawberry rhubarb pie for us. We both agree it is very good pie.

Proves that when you are flexible there sometimes might be a reward.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Tuesday after 3 you say. Well, well, well. Jim didn't even think about going to the lake last week because of Spring Break.

  2. We enjoy visiting IKEA here in Houston. We have eaten there several. Every meal has been great. Try it next time.

  3. Score on the pies! Sounds wonderful.

    After our two visits to Carefree and Phoenix in earlier this month, we concurred we need to go back to Tucson and Phoenix for a couple of weeks in a couple of years.