Friday, February 28, 2014


Goodyear AZ (Low 54 Sunny and Windy High 79)

One thing we missed a lot not coming down here last winter was Spring Training for the Cactus League. We went to our first game yesterday. The park sure looked nice,

As you can see the sun was shining and it was hot in the sun, no sympathy we know from those in the Midwest right now. 

Jo put on her big hat and she said it felt 5 degrees cooler. Although a nice crowd it wasn't wall to wall people so we moved down a few seats into the shade and it dropped 10-15 degrees with a nice gentle breeze. A beautiful day for baseball.

We went to see the Kansas City Royals play the Texas Rangers in Surprise.

We all commented how you could see a noticeable lack of energy from the Royals from the gitgo, which showed in the scoreboard, Rangers 11 Royals 7. It was still a great day and the game didn't count.

Here are more photos from the stadium.

Paul, this one was for you :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. What about our Cleveland Indians? We got to watch the first two games on TV. They aren't on now till March 8 ;(

  2. The weather has been cooperating for spring training. Now we have our fingers crossed that it will cooperate for the race on Sunday. Jim and my BIL have tickets.

  3. Bob and Jo,
    How long will you be in the Phoenix area? We'll be going to Dodgers/Mariners game in Glendale, AZ on Tuesday, March 4. Will you be going to that game?
    Susan & Bob

    1. We aren't planning on going to this game, we usually only go to a couple of Kansas City Roayls spring training games.

    2. Okay. Sounds like you're enjoying yourselves. I hope the rain and wind lets up soon.