Thursday, January 16, 2014


Goodyear AZ (Low 40 Sunny High 74)

We recently saw a really good movie, "Saving Mr. Banks".

It tells the story of how the "Mary Poppins" movie was made. Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney who tries over 20 years to convince Mrs. P. L. Travers (played by Emma Thompson) to let him turn her "Mary Poppins" stories into a movie. A little sad in parts, don't want to give too much away to spoil the movie, but a very good story if that makes sense. And a very good story made into a very good movie. Best movie we have seen probably since the "Kings Speech".

Tom Hanks (best actor), Emma Thompson (best actress) and Paul Giamatti (best supporting actor) as well as the young girl in the flashbacks, all deserve Oscar nominations. The acting was first rate, top to bottom.

A couple of tips; take kleenex and stay to the absolute end of the movie, well into the credits. If you do you will consider this time well spent.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Thanks for the review. Paul isn't a movie goer at all. I keep a list of the movies we should grab once they come out on rental.

  2. I've heard some good things about this film from others. It's on my list. Apparently it was somewhat difficult to accurately depict Walt Disney, as he was a very heavy smoker. Something to do with getting a PG rating instead of an R? Something like that. Can't show folks smokin on the big screen these days it seems.

  3. That sounds interesting, we were just discussing the fact that we have not been to a movie in a long time. In fact. we have no idea what the current hot movies are:(

  4. Sounds like a good one - I have been interested in that movie. Will probably wait for the DVD.

  5. Sounds like my Wife's kind of movie...will have to take her.