Friday, August 23, 2013


Houghton MI (Low 51 Sunny not as Humid High 75)
Lodi WI (Low 57 Mostly Sunny High 82)

Our time in the Upper Peninsula has come to an end. Today we begin our journey back to the Kansas City area to get some work done on our Cameo.

We are dreading the longer than normal days, the back to back travel days which we haven't done in 4 years, the higher temperature and humidity forecasted for the Kansas City area, and finally moving from our home into an extended stay while the Cameo is being worked on.

When we mention longer days, 300 miles on the first day, it is nothing like the Paul Dahl Disorder (PDD) that afflicts R Sanity RV Adventures. PDD causes Paul to go into a trance and drive and drive until 500 miles or so have been achieved. For us who are targeting 150 miles as a good day 300 is as far as we want to go on the PDD Scale.

It is off to Lodi Wisconsin today, then Kellogg Iowa on Saturday, and then into the Kansas City area on Sunday. We are certain to fall further behind in reading blogs and may or may not blog along the way.

We are sure going to miss the view from our site.


Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I am interested in the work you have scheduled for the Cameo. Hope you'll share it in the blog!

    Fellow Cameo owner...........Paul

  2. Hope your travels are safe, uneventful... and the temps aren't too hot.

  3. Your coming back at the wrong time its going to get real hot around here.

  4. The above comment is from my "other" half. He is really interested in knowing what you are having done in case we should have the same done to ours.

    Your site is gorgeous. We leave next Saturday for Utah. We will make a three day stop at friends' home in Indiana and then we, too, have several days of just driving...yuck.

    Safe travels dear friends.

  5. Safe travels, hope to meet up with you again.

  6. Okay - I've lost your e-mail somehow in the switch over between computers. Anyhow - Bill doesn't use just one thing to fix computers. He took the hard drive out and completely wiped it out and cleaned it. Then he ran Malware Bytes and a couple of other programs he has. We use Kaspersky and he said that was a good virus protection but we should run Malware Bytes on a regular basis. You have to run the free version manually but he said if you buy the pro version it runs in the background on your computer.

  7. We, thus far have escaped PDD. Some of these days, I hope that we cross paths. Be safe.

  8. Be safe. Get the Cameo all fixed up.